Distroless Containers

Container sizes for applications are often a concern. I recently came across distroless from Google that seems to solve this pain-point while also reducing the potential vulnerability surface of the container as well. So I was looking for a suitable target to try this on.

I use MailHog for testing emails in dev. The published container is unfortunately too old. So seemed like a good opportunity to try distroless. I really wanted to go with a the static base image, but unfortunately ran into issues with CGO_ENABLED=0 for build. For now, the base build will be fine. Here’s the Dockerfile for generating a distroless image of MailHog

FROM golang:1 as builder
# Install MailHog:
RUN apt install git \
&& mkdir -p /root/gocode \
&& export GOPATH=/root/gocode \
&& go install github.com/mailhog/MailHog@latest
FROM gcr.io/distroless/base-debian11:nonroot
COPY –from=builder /root/gocode/bin/MailHog /usr/local/bin/
USER nonroot
WORKDIR /home/nonroot
# Expose the SMTP and HTTP ports:
EXPOSE 1025 8025
view raw Dockerfile hosted with ❤ by GitHub

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